Monday, March 20, 2006

Stepping beyond the world of socks

Ok brace yourself...I have 3 projects lined up now that are NOT SOCKS. Incredible, eh? I do prefer socks...I like the smallness/portability, the relative quickness...they're just good for my natural tendencies of having trouble finishing projects as by the time I'm bored with it, they're already done.


There's a sweater I must make...It's Anne Marie's fault I got "Weekend Knitting" (wanted the Petticoat Socks pattern she did for the Knitting Olympics)...there's a really great Debbie Bliss denim-aran sweater in the back. And it's going to kill me, I'm quite certain as it's 95% in seed stitch which is basically just 1x1 ribbing which is about the most tedious thing one can knit en masse...but I need this sweater (not in child's sizing of course, but this pattern has a full range of sizes)...

I gotta say, it's rather intimidating to order 28 skeins of yarn for a sweater (they're teeny skeins...can't believe they're $7 state-side...thank goodness for ebay and lovely UK sellers with free it for $4.31/skein wheeee)

Then...Clapotis...must make one...maybe of my co-workers (yes, Kathy, it's your fault!) made one out of this lovely soy silk stuff and gotta make it...just the idea of purposely dropping stitches/unravelling seems like major fun factor...So joined the Clapotis yahoogroup to find yarn alternatives/yardage to the Lorna's Laces Lion & Lamb (which I would like to eventually work with but damn, it's $28/skein and you need 4 of them gak! that's a lot for a shawl/scarfy thing)

It will be very strange working on needles larger than US2...maybe I'll even foray into bamboo/wooden needles...hmm


At 10:30 AM, Blogger Annie said...

WHOAH - Sockaholic no more! Just back to plain Knitaholic. Isn't Weekend Knitting great? Next you should have Handknit Holidays. Happy to feed your Monster. :-) Can't wait for progress shots!


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