Sunday, April 23, 2006

Done done, Close Encounters of the NYC Kind

Kaspar's done ( "Kate" pattern...) This pattern is really a lot of fun to work up and goes very quickly...really loved working with the Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted...gonna have to buy more and do something else with it...yummy stuff. I think my little cousin will love him.

Casting on the Sunrise Jacket (see sidebar) in the most delicious wool by Takhi...Donegal Tweed in color 845 which is a deep tweeded eggplant.

Yarn Harlot was in my office building this week...I was reading her blog and she showed a photo of an office building on Avenue of the Americas, mentioned the Martha Stewart Sirius radio show...Sirius is in the same I had 3 floor proximity to the Yarn Harlot...would've been a more typical NYC Close Encounter had we shared an elevator, but hey, close enough.

I've been on a total yarn binge ever since branching out from my gateway drug of see, other than sock yarn, I had no stash...need stash. The purchases haven't been totally random...there are actual patterns/projects that have prompted the binge, but I'll be knitting a year before I'm close to done with what I've bought...but the internet...such bargains to be had...just picked up 2 batches of Rowan Summer Tweed on closeout from a UK seller...2 discontinued colors that I just happened to, "Legend" was being cleared for $42.50/bag of 10 skeins...that's less than 1/2 price...and the other was $5.50/skein (Morning Glory) so I couldn't resist that either...the latter will be for a cabled sweater from a new book, Inspired Cable Knits" by Fiona Ellis but I couldn't resist the second batch which will give me more than enough for anything I want to do with it. Also placed a bit of an order (yea yea a bit uh huh) with out some of their house-brand yarns...enough yarn for 2 tanks/shells and a long-sleeve cable sweater (same book) for under $100...can't beat that...

Now I just have to find places to stash the flood of stash coming in...I have cats, you see...they lurves yarn...


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I love Kaspar! :)


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