Saturday, May 06, 2006

Sunrise, Sunset

Well, had a gauge catastrophe with my first attempt on the Sunrise Circle Jacket (see link in sidebar). Despite making a good swatch, the Tahki Donegal Tweed just won't hold to row gauge when it makes stitch gauge and it gets's such a fitted precise design, there's no room for error and it's tricky to adjust, so I'm going to frog it and use the yarn for the Natalie Coat in Big Girl Knits and do the Sunrise down the road someday.

So instead, I cast on the Power Cable Unplugged sweater from Inspired Cables by Fiona Ellis.

Found a steal on the Rowan Summer Tweed from a seller in the UK...clearing some discontinued colors, which, luckily for me, I really liked. Working in "Morning Glory" right now...

Also looking for yarns for this yummy jacket/cardigan, also from Big Girl Knits:

Found an alternative to the suggested Noro Kureyon...a plummy Shannon by Tahki...won't give as strong a stripey thing in the front but will work and it's loverly...


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